Nothing to see here folks, just another cactus enthusiast…

But if you insist, I will tell you our story. This journey began on a trip to Peru in 2002. Since then, during many adventures from east to west, south to north, through the center and off to the side, rare medicinal seeds and plants were collected, propagated and studied. During these turbulent times we travelled many windy roads and met many amazing friends on the magic bus.

One day, my faithful helper DonSancho appeared. I found him on one of those notorious festival parking lots complaining about the stressful life herding sheep and he asked me for a job. Being the good guy that I am, with no shortage of tasks and chores, I had mercy upon the poor fella and welcomed him in and put him to work. Only problem is he doesn’t. Instead, I always find him taking dirt naps in the greenhouse. Fart smella was probably plotting to get away with working even less watching cactus grow. He doesn’t even want to go to the post office when someone places an order. What has the world come to, ha? Must be all this damn socialism! I really should fire him but he is the only one willing to work for cactus and peanuts (Sundays only) - cause that's all I got. On the bright side though, he keeps the climate in the greenhouse at a more even temperature. So, I’ll probably keep him around for now. He helps with heating costs, and I could still use his talents herding all the cats around here.

If you wish to see more profanity laced cactus pics, hop on over to our IG account. I promise I will post more in the future, promise! ;)

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy your stay here.

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