How to grow San Pedro seeds

How to grow San Pedro seeds

Hello, and welcome to the fun world of cactus growing. It's easy and fun to watch your seedlings grow into maturity. You will need some simple materials and of course a good amount of patience. Since its so cheap you might as well sow a thousand seeds and one day become the new cactus king. Why not? I know you want to and it only takes 10-20 years. Don't believe me? Yahoo it!

So let's get started:

In this case we are starting with the La Mancha Seed starter kit but you can easily get these materials yourself and use any cactus seeds of your liking.

To increase the chance of germination I recommend soaking your seeds in 3% Hydrogen peroxide for 10 min (optional).

Start by filling the container with water and add fungicide. Add the yellow bag marked "F" to the provided container. Stir and make sure everything is dissolved. Add some of this solution to the bag containing the coco chips (just enough to cover it) and close it up. Add the rest of the liquid into the bag containing the soil (peatmoss). Close that up and let it sit for 12 - 24 hours

    By now all the materials should be thoroughly saturated. Drain the water out of the bags. Squeeze it a couple times to get most of the excess water out, but not too hard. You still want this fairly wet but not sitting in water. Add the chips to the bottom the container followed by most of the soil from the other bag and pad it down lightly (I used a spoon).

      Sprinkle the pink bag containing the insecticide on the surface. Cover this with a bit of leftover soil from the previous step and gently push down the soil and even out the surface.

      Now take you bag  containing your seeds and spread them out evenly and give it a couple squirts of water.

      Thats it!

      Put on the top and place by a window or use a t5 lamp or led bulb at room temperature. You can use the leftover fungicide solution on some houseplants that might be able to benefit.


      Now comes the hardest part: Patience!

      You should be able to see seeds germinate after about two weeks. Just put it away and forget about it. I know you want to look in there every day but nothing  happens at this stage. You can leave them in there for up to a year and beyond before repotting. They like humidity when they are small. If you see green mold,  open the container and spray with Hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. It will not hurt your seedlings but take care of any funkiness that may build up inside your container. It also helps to tape the sides with some opaque material to avoid light getting in.
      And thats it! I wish you the best of luck. Hit me up if you run into any issues.

      Happy growing

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